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Motorhome Holding Tanks Are Important To Your Health And Comfort

Motorhome holding tanks are extremely important to the comfort and enjoyment of yourself and your family as you travel in your RV or travel trailer. This is the tank that holds your waste water from your kitchen and bathroom. Motorhome drivers learn to spot dumping sites to empty their tanks regularly. This system only works, however, when the tank is in excellent repair. If your holding tank is in need of repair or replacement, this is not something that you should put off taking care of.

One of the top suppliers of RV accessories and parts,, offers a variety of holding tanks so they can meet your needs, whether you drive a Fleetwood or a Holiday Rambler. A 13-gallon holding tank, measuring 11 ¾ inches wide, 36 ½ inches long, and 9 inches deep sells for $253.68. This is a durable modern polyethylene tank that is rust and weather resistant.

At, you will find a variety of holding tanks like the Ronco 10-Gallon RV Holding Tank. This tank is designed to be installed as an aftermarket replacement or a supplementary tank on your camper. It fits many contemporary American made RV’s and is designed to contain odor and last for years. It is available for $123.19.

Polyethylene is the current FDA approved material for holding tanks. It is durable, weather resistant, and reliably contains odors and bacteria until you are ready to empty it. At, you can find holding tanks in sizes from 7 gallons to 175 gallons, making this a great resource for new holding tanks for Class A, Class B, and Class C RV’s. These will fit most motorhomes, whether you are driving a Monaco, Winnebago, or Itasca. Prices range from $101.99 to $575.00.

When looking for a new motorhome holding tank, it is always a good idea to check with retailers that specialize in supplies for RV’s and campers. For example, offers prices near wholesale levels and offers products like the Thetford SmartTote Portable Waste Tank. This is a great device for short trips when you would prefer not to use your large holding tank. You can attach this portable tank to your system and when you are done, simply wheel away your waste. You can purchase this tank in sizes ranging from 18 gallons to 35 gallons, and prices vary from $69.99 to $199.99.

At, you will find another RV holding tank. This is a 27-gallon tank that is available with either a left or a right drain. It is 58 ¾ inches long, 20 ¾ inches wide, and 6 ¾ inches deep. It comes with level probes already installed, but some other hardware for installation comes separately. This is a great stop to look for RV supplies for your Airstream, Itasca, or other RV at wholesale prices, and this tank sells for $159.00.

Another portable tank, the Barker Tote-Along Holding Tank, is sold at For travelers who take primarily short jaunts, this option may be the best because it is simple to use and easy to maneuver. It is made of heavy duty polyethylene and features 10-inch wheels for easy mobility. The 15-gallon version of this tank sells for $99.79.

ABS Holding Tanks are vacuum formed with durable ABS plastic. The tank sold at features lids that are glued, welded, and heat sealed to prevent leakage of substance or odor. It includes 1-inch screw flanges for easy installation. You can purchase this product for $91.20.

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